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Xin loi GI…….site still under construction…..please stay tuned for pictures Tan Son Nhut Airport I have landed and taken off from Tan Son Nhat Airport [Saigon] 14 times which I think might be a world record.  I am hoping to go back there one more time and never return, especially if The Donald or The Hillary gets elected.  I might not go back if we get Burned. June 1967 was my first time I passed thru TSN.  Being somewhat naive I smuggled an ounce of pot INTO Viet Nam [hello Tom Paxton—“WHATS THE MATTER WITH YOU BUDDY??]   at that time, figuring I might need it......ha ha ha.... but that is another story. I got an R & R to Singapore some time in my first year which meant I flew in and out of TSN so that makes it another two in and one out.  I extended my tour of duty  for another six months in country and that got me 30 days of free leave back in the states so that meant another take off and landing in JUN-JUL 1968 so that makes five times passing thru TSN. Got to go to THE LAND OF OZ on another R & R probably late 1968 so that means another take off and landing at TSN so I am up to seven now, in and outs. Extended for another six months which got me another 30 days of free leave and meant another take off and landing from TSN in early 1969, meaning 9 in and outs. Another R & R to Penang late 1969 and now I have flown in and out of TSN 11 times.  Finally left the NAM for HOME in APR 1970 so that makes number 12. Went back for a visit to my old stomping grounds in 2005 so now I am up to 14 landings and take offs at dear old TSN.   I am wondering can anybody beat that record?  Even General Westmorland probably cannot.  So do I deserve some sort of medal or not?