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Keep in mind  primate descendent two strands  [PDTS not to be confused with PTSD] beings on this planet only developed the knowledge of the existence of DNA in the early 1950s.  They have progressed to the stage where they can even alter small portions double helix which most two strand planets never achieve as many planets with life on them develop from ancestors who did not have opposable thumbs and the brain capacity to use them. I mean you do realize there is a lot of life out there on the  MILLIONS TIMES BILLIONS of planets out there?  There are frog planets, elephant planets, lizard planets, dinosaur planets, maple planets, ant planets, but then I could go on forever listing all the possibilities that exist in the vast cosmic universe.  Yet without the opposable thumb, and a brain capacity large enough to make use of it, 98% of these planets exist as one large sybiotic life form composed of all things alive one it [did you know that rocks are even alive???  They just live in a slower time frame than two strands] all in peace and harmony with each other.  I mean even the ant planets allow other life forms to exist as they realize that with these other life forms they would have to start eating each others, which does in fact sometimes happen. On other planets than earth, as you call this one, other two strand vertebrates may also develop an opposable thumb as your primate ancestors did millions of years ago.  Bears, racoons, dogs, cats, dolphins and other such creatures, as you know them, and some you have no knowledge of, have done so on the many worlds out there but have been limited by their brain capacity and still live in what you PDTS might call a “stone and stick age” with virtually no knowledge of metallurgy. BUT THEN WE ARE GETTING OFF TOPIC WHICH IS: out there among the MILLION x BILLIONS x TRILLIONS off possible there exist being that operate at a higher levels than two strands, what ever their physical form, and to them a two strand is just FOOD. I have four strands working for me as slaves.  I am an independent contractor as I am a five strand; five strands are not planned for but sometimes just happen due to flaws in the process, but more about that later.  The beings who buy my services and slaves are eight strands, and I report into them from time to time, especially if I am running low on funds.  I know that there are also sixteen strand beings out there, thirty-two strand beings, and even a few sixty-fours; rumor has it that there is even one out there who  made it to 128 AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE SUMMONED TO ITS PRESENCE.  I do not have such lofty goals, just to get back my real body and end with a full eight strand rather than the misery that exist for us of the ODD strands.