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There once was a handsome mustachioed young boy named Abbottski Wanted to be a drag queen racer but then  ends up in  fucking Army Now he sells high end pool cues to the rich, famous and the few   Pretends he is a dummy but then his clients have no clue   But that was after the great corrupt state of New Jersey he did flee   There once was a Quebec cowgirl named chantal Who lives down in Tex-ass She could fix most anything mechanical or play pool like a bad-ass    To my computers she gave much needed  speed such a sweet hack Even my telescope, movies and bee-bee gun she brought right back But then one day she just went away and truly I miss the dear lass   There once was a young man named Jeeves who I just recently got to know To you his knowledge of insects, wildlife  and botany he would throw Free for the asking if you just  fed him a  home cooked meal   Play you a good game of pool as that was a part of the deal When he visited me he came out of his closet, he is my bro