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Xin loi GI…….site still under construction…..please stay tuned FAC TEAM Kenny Control Did Party
We did party once in a while to relieve the tension, at the order of MY various colonels.  And I was the commissary agent, our teams Milo Minderbinder, as well as chief cook and bottle washer. You have to understand I worked for four O-5 s that is to say Light Colonels NOT Full Birds, and that is all they were going to get if they did not die on their last job which happened to be an ALO to the 18th ARVN Division’s Commanding General, which meant real spooky.   I am like Klinger and Jamie Farr in MASH, like MILO MINDERBINDER who will catch your 22....... AND ALL MY COLONELS LIKED TO PARTY.....I was the go to guy and  he was mi  jefe... MY FIRST COLONEL.......colonel PUKE I only had to put up with for three weeks and believe me it was A RAPID LEARNING EXPERIENCE.....my only thoughts about him as I write this is than if he was laying in a ditch across the road in great pain and agony I would cross the road , BUT NOT TO TENDER HIM ASSISTANCE, but to piss on him..... BUT YOU HAVE READ THAT STORY and then MASON came and taught me how to FLY.. MASON instituted a monthy AIR FARCE FUCKING PARTY to keep the troops happy and to IMPRESS THE ARMY PUKES........SO WHO WAS IN CHARE ????? Sgt Zoomie...... NOW WHAT DID THIS INVOLVE???? Well I had to drive down to BLACKHORSE [10 klicks south of Xray Lima] home of the 11th  CAV in MY JEEP with a shotgun to barter bottles of JIM BEAN for whatever I could get in the way of PROTIEN from my good buddies in a show hall down there [another long story] YOU CANNOT IMAGINE what you could get in those days for four forty pounders......11th CAV people had severe liquor problems.....not as bad as SAND PEOPLE.....but it was like this: “UH WHAT DO YOU NEED.........????? duh...???”  My usual loot was a couple of bottles of ketchup, a jar or two of mustard, two or three gallon cans of baked beans [not all that bad cuz I had access to the MARKETPLACE for things to add to these fucking beans......] and a case of frozen “steak” to feed a platoon.   BLACK MARKET I was but only because my colonel and the CIA wanted me to be....... MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FRIENDLY FIRE ESSAY to understand the BLACK MARKET MY COLONELS loved lobster and KENNY CONTROL actually had a one plane station plus radio shack down in VUNG TAU which I nothing but beach and food.....sorta of our own private R & R thing........so when my colonel said he wanted to party I knew what that meant and so did his pilots and I got to pick which one was to do the deed.  THAT IS Sgt Zoomie gets to GIVE ORDERS to one of HIS pilots to go down to Vung Tau and pick up the lobsters that our sub-team down there has obtained, keeping a share for them selves, of course........my pilots love this job.......I am their book when it comes to back seaters........ BACK SEATERS:   the DOG could seat two, pilot up front, co-pilot/radio op/nav in back.... WE [KENNY CONTROL] GOT a plane in the air from before sunrise to after sunset but there is still some light in the sky.  In 33 months in this shit hole [which I would go back to in a flash] I got 1200 flying hours that aint on my record and that piss me off....100% I am on the job SO AT ANY RATE........I am the go to guy to fill up a back seat.  MY PILOTS don’t like to fly alone........four eyes are better than two plus your got the puke bets going......and there are all these army pukes, people from the land of OZ, Koreans, others, who want to get their rocks off see an AIR STRIKE [THAT is an essay to be writen some day]..........so this is a BLACK MARKET THING where I am the ticket agent and if I can get YOU a  ride with one of MY PILOT s YOU WILL OWE ME SOMETHING maybe a small thing....maybe a big thing ???? who knows ??? EVERYBODY WANTS TO have one ride in the back seat of the DOG and see an AIR STRIKE put in, and we tke advantage of that. I am the ticket agent and also make the “PUKE BOOK” THESE POOR SUCKERS that pay me one way or the other to get a ride in the dog and see a strike go in are just MEAT FOR MY GRINDER..........KEEP IN MIND there is always a betting pool in terms of when back seat has to PUKE.......an office pool.....some guys even lasted for three take offs and landings but cant remember anyone going for four......lol....mades lots of money but better yet put many favors in the bank..