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EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO READ HERE I WROTE BETWEEN Dec of 1994 thru the LAST ISSUE  which happened in Apr 1996 for THE FIRST NATIONAL BILLIARD EXCHANGE. ONLY TIME I actually got paid to write, I was going to make a career out of it but……     MY EDITOR, not my first editor , but none had paid me before that……OR AFTER the only one that ever payed me FOR MY WORDS was a wonderful lady from St Louis except when I had a deadline to meet and then she could be a witch, a good witch, but still a witch. I HOPE TO SEE HER AND HER HUSBAND AT LEAST ONE MORE TIME BE FORE TOMORROW. SO HERE IS THE DEAL…………… THIS IS THE FIRST ARTICLE THAT APPEARED THOSE THAT ARE INTERESTED THEY CAN SEND ME $100 AND GET A FREE CATALOGUE OF EVERYTHING 4 SALE I HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED the odious task of cataloging the estate of ROBERT ‘BOB’ BYRNE WHICH WHEN I DO, no materials yet, but within three months of receipt of same, i will have cataloged same and will send to anybody who sends me $100 dollars will be a complete and accurate account  AT LEAST as far as concerns to the printed material he left, in his will, to the USBA and its current workers in which i have become one again with and have been appointed to serve on several minor committees as punishment for my past crimes……that is agreeing with their crazy ideas, then leading them to hell, then abandoning them for years before, they were, Russkie Talk, RE-HABILITATED, SO AT LEAST ALL I CAN REPORT:  THE USBA IS SET FOR CHANGE IT IS JUST A QUESTION OF WHEN THEY PULL TRIGGER. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT MAKING MONEY THEY ARE LOOSING IT….I KNOW AS I HAVE BAILED THEM OUT OF A FEW HOLES AND  have made a few imperious future promises HA=HA-HA-HA=HA So the AUCTION BEGINS  THE FIRST ITEM FOR SALE  ARE COPIES OF THE FNBX with my name on the mailing lable PRICLESS  I also have very rare copies of a Canadian Magazine plus AMERICAN CUEIST from years 1994-1999 when Richard Story got fired….he was one of my editors THEY ALL TOLD ME SUBSCRIPTIONS WENT thru THE ROOF after my second essay SO AT ANY RATE I AM COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT AND SOLICITING MONEY FOR THE UNITED STATES BILLIARD ASSOCIATION AND SO IF YOU WANT TO SEE ANYMORE OF THE SHIT….EVEN BUY THE ORIGINALS NOT JUST GET TO BUY THE WORDS……… ALL SERIOUS INQUIRIES E MAIL ONLY
OTHER ITEMS AVAILABLE FOR BIBLIOPHILES AMONG 100’S THE RIGHT HAND FIRST PAGE WRITTEN BY MY FRIEND burton spain ALL MONIES GOING TO PROMOTE  THE USBA’s Junior Education fund a simple $100 dollar bill gets you on board………forever KINDA LIKE SIGNING A PACT WITH THE DEVIL, but a good devil BUT a good devil means it is a bad devil and that is where ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE